Eigashima Shuzo

Distillery Origin

As one of the 7 distilleries owned by Eigashima Shuzo, White Oak is a boutique whisky distillery  boutique whisky distillery, located in the oceanside city of Akashi. Founded in 1888, Eigashima’s origins are in the art of sake and shochu making. Today, its traditional pot stills are home to Akashi White Oak Whisky. Akashi whisky remains the only Japanese whisky in the world made by a Toji, a grand master in the art of sake-making.

The production of whisky at Eigashima is rare, hand crafted and small scale. By using techniques from sake-making the grand master crafts a unique and clean flavour profile. Production only takes place for three months of the year and much like their passion for sake, the focus remains on product quality for a premium whisky experience.


The White Oak Whisky Distillery  is located by the ocean in a region known for its clean air and clean water. The distillery was built in the Scottish style, and uses only specially selected barley imported from Scotland. The water comes from the same spring used in the making of their Japanese sake. The extreme seasonal temperature difference contributes to a higher evaporation of product. This temperature swing encourages interaction between the whisky and the barrel thus extracting more character from the wood.

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