Next to Lake Biwa, Japan’s largest and most beautiful freshwater lake, travellers will find the serene, gorgeous town of Nagahama.

Home to the historic Nagahama Castle, the city continues to develop and grow each year, and enjoys quite a large number of tourists during the seasons of spring and summer. For this reason, the Nagahama Brewery was established in 1996, which was also the year the Japanese government loosened restrictions concerning beer production.

They wanted to create great, local, craft beer, and they succeeded greatly in this goal. Better known as Roman beer, the Nagahama releases grew popular, and both locals and tourists alike grew to love the craft brews they could enjoy in Nagahama, and the surrounding prefecture. If you get a chance, try the Nagahama IPA Special brewed with Citra hops, and their flagship Nagahama Ale. Now, some 20 years later, the Nagahama team have jumped on the latest boom once more, by establishing a small whisky distillery to cater to the country’s rising thirst for domestic whisky.

They kicked off their whisky distillery in late 2016. The decision was made after a team from Nagahama was visiting Scotland to have a look at the operations of Eden Mill -- Scotland’s first single site brewery and distillery. They wanted to act quickly to meet growing demand for Japanese whisky, so rather than go on the years-long waiting list for a pot stills from Forsyths, they went with Alembic stills from the Portuguese company Hoga Stills.


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Amahagan Whisky No. 1 Aged in Bourbon Barrel


Amahagan Whisky No. 4 Yamazakura Wood Finish


Amahagan Whisky No. 2 Red Wood Finish


Amahagan Whisky No. 5 Sherry Wood Finish


Amahagan Whisky No. 3 Mizunara Wood Finish

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