Hideyoshi was founded in the year 1689 by a young man who journeyed north from Mie prefecture in central Japan.

The young man travelled all over Northern Japan, before finally settling in Akita prefecture.
It is said he was captivated with the lush, untouched beauty of the land, and the crisp, clean rivers that brought water to the rice fields. For years he labored in the fields of Akita until finally could pursue his goal of creating his own brewery. Nearly three hundred and thirty years later the fields of Akita remain bountiful, the water still crisp, which enables Hideyoshi to continue making sake in the tradition of those who came before them.

In the year 1848, in the final days of the Samurai, the feudal lord of Akita, Lord Satake, held a competition to determine the best sake in his domain. Brewers from all over Akita gathered at the footsteps of Kubota Castle in hopes of being named the greatest sake in the land.
At that time few had heard of the upstart “Hatsu-Arashi” (First Storm), but after only one sip Lord Satake exclaimed “Hidette-Yoshi!” meaning “Extremely Good!” as he proclaimed their sake to be the best, and shortly after they changed their name to Hideyoshi as a homage to the high praise given by Lord Satake.

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Hideyoshi Junmai Daiginjo

720ml / 15% / Unavailable


LaChamte Sparkling Sake

280ml / 8% / Available in BC & Alberta


Hideyoshi Daiginjo

720ml / 15% / Available in BC

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