From Okinawa's oldest distillery, a deep traditional flavor is born.

“Kanekou” denotes the historical significance and the long legacy of the Shinzato Distillery. Established in 1846, the Shinzato Distillery is the oldest existing distillery in Okinawa and holds the distinction of being among the first licensed producers of ‘awamori’ in the ancient era of the Ryukyu Kingdom (1429-1879). Awamori is a traditional Okinawan spirit dating back to more than 500 years; it was a prestigious beverage enjoyed by the nobles of the Ryukyu Kingdom as well as a common tribute paid to the Qing Dynasty and the Tokugawa shogunate. The Shinzato Distillery operated at that time under the name “Kanekou,” from which the Kanekou Whisky label originated.

This venerable distillery has faithfully followed its motto “Wajo Ryoshu” (translated to “good wine brewed in the spirit of harmony”) for hundreds of years since its inception. Continuing in the same tradition of creating “harmony,” i.e., forming a pleasing and consistent whole, the current seventhgeneration owner and master blender Naoya Shinzato created Kanekou Whisky by blending three types of whisky – malt, wheat, and rice whisky (Ryukyu Whisky). This original blend gives rise to an aromatic and rounded taste unique to spirits produced on a subtropical island.


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