Kanomori Craft Gin

Kanomori Gin, is very soft and mild, and is characterized by an intense taste with a long finish. Gentle citrus notes mate with finely selected herbs, and literally put you in a “forest of aromas” from the very first sip. Clear taste made from leaves, switch and branch of “Kuromoji” and 18 kinds of botanicals.

You can feel elegant taste with refresh finish by our master craftsmanship. These 19 botanicals are selected from 130 botanicals for our ideal taste. This formulation is based on Oriental medicine. It’s very soft and mild, and is characterized by an intense taste with a long finish, literally feeling you were in the middle of forest. Used pure water is refined as it flows the Japan Central Alps.

Kanomori Distillery's leading product, “Yomeishu”, is a herbal health liqueur that was first produced over 400 years ago in 1602 in Nagano prefecture, Japan. Its reputation gradually grew, and in 1923, they established a company in preparation for nationwide sales.  Using the herbal knowledge studied for long years, they try to manufacture new products. Yomeishu Komagane Plant, which is in Nagano Prefecture is surrounded by two Japan Alps. This highland blessed with pristine air and clean water is the birthplace of KANOMORI. A gift from polished over time by the granite of the Central Alps.

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Kanomori Craft Gin

700ml / 47% / Available in BC & Alberta

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