Masahiro Whisky

Masahiro Shuzo, located at the southern end of the main island of Okinawa, has been producing traditional Awamori for 130 years. 

Established in 1883 and located in the Shuri region known for Awamori, Masahiro Distillery is one of the oldest and largest distilleries in Okinawa and has been honing their skill to create the rich taste unique to traditional Okinawan spirit Awamori.

Awamori is an alcoholic beverage indigenous to and unique to Okinawa, Japan.  It is made from long grain indica rice, and is not a direct product of brewing (like Sake) but of distillation (like Shochu).  The most popular way to drink awamori is with water and ice. Awamori can also be drunk straight, on the rocks, and in cocktails.


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Masahiro Pure Malt Whisky 


Masahiro Pure Malt Whisky 12 Year Old Sherry Cask

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