Okayama Japanese single malt whisky is the fruit of the exquisite heritage of the prefecture with the same name. Its barley is grown locally and its water comes from a nearby spring. This authentic Japanese whisky offers a delicious glimpse into the know-how of an entire nation.

 A Japanese whisky with rich and complex aromas Okayama Triple Cask, Miyashita Distillery’s single malt, is a pure, rare gem. Produced exclusively from local main ingredients, this whisky features water from Asahikawa Spring, renowned for its pure, crystalline waters and located just a few hundred yards from the distillery. Its rare qualities can even be observed in its aging process.

The distillate is aged in three types of barrels, including the extremely rare Mizunara, a Japanese wood with very special properties. A single malt that successfully combines the expertise and exceptional resources of its country. Made with 100% local raw materials, using two-row barley growing next to the Miyashita distillery and 100-meter deep water from the Asahikawa spring . Aged in a combination of three barrels: sherry (Pedro Ximnez), brandy, and the very rare Mizunara (a Japanese wood)

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Okayama Japanese Single Malt Whisky

700ml / 43% / Available in BC & Alberta

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