Established in 2012, Shin Group started out as a distribution company with a focus on “unique” quality Japanese liquor products.

Since then, we evolved to co-producer and brand owner by partnering with a number of distilleries in Japan, Eigashima Shuzo, Shinobu Distillery, Masahiro Distillery, etc., At the present, our distribution network has expanded across global market in over 40 countries and regions, working with more than 100 distributors and larger retailers in USA, Greater China, Europe, Russia, South East Asia, South Africa, and Latin America. SHIN Group is headquartered in Hong Kong, and its operational center is based in Taiwan, it has group companies in Japan, Canada and China.

We have been jointly setting up a new distillery, Shinobu Distillery next to the famous Niigata Brewery, with our long term strategic partner Niigata Beer Co. Shinobu Distillery plans to start distillation in 2022 and aims to make the best quality Japanese Single Malt Whisky. In the meantime, we are also partnering with one of the largest spirits producers in Japan, Masahiro Shuzo, to create the first single malt whisky distillery in Okinawa island. Masahiro Distillery is set to be up and fully running from 2022 and to release a subtropical style, unique and bold Japanese Single Malt whisky.

Available  Products

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Shin Yuzu Wine

720ml / 8% / Available in B.C. & Alberta


Shin Red Wine Umeshu

500ml / 12% / Available in B.C. & Alberta


Shin Brandy Umeshu

500ml / 14% / Available in B.C. & Alberta


Shin Whisky Umeshu

500ml / 15% / Available in B.C. & Alberta


Shin White Oak Aged Whisky Umeshu

720ml / 20% / Available in B.C. & Alberta

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