One of the distinguishing features of Shinobu Whisky is its use of Mizunara oak casks in the aging process. Mizunara oak is a rare and highly prized wood native to Japan, known for imparting distinct flavors and aromas to whisky, including notes of sandalwood, coconut, and incense. This gives Shinobu whiskies a character that sets them apart from other Japanese whiskies on the market.

Shinobu offers a range of expressions, from their elegant and smooth NAS (No Age Statement) blends to their more matured and complex aged releases. Each expression is crafted with precision and attention to detail, reflecting the brand's commitment to quality and innovation in Japanese whisky production.

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Shinobu Blended
Shinobu Pure Malt
Shinobu Pure Malt Peated
Shinobu Pure Malt 10YO
Shinobu Pure Malt 10YO Peated
Shinobu Pure Malt 15YO
SHINOBU 15Y 2024 Dragon Edition
SHINOBU 15YO 2024 Dragon Edition (Limited)
Shinobu Single Malt New Born
Shinobu Single Malt New Born (Limited)
Shinobu Whisky Highball (4-pack)
Shinobu Whisky Highball (4-pack)

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