The Japanese Bitters is the world’s first domestically produced aromatic bitters that use only the finest ingredients born from the natural blessings of Japan.

Japanese Bitters are useful in various situations. It is widely used in cocktail bars, high-end sushi Izakayas (Taverns), Japanese traditional style restaurants, pubs, and bars, etc. Japanese Sake (shochu and plum wine), as well as spirits (whiskey, vodka, gin, tequila, and rum), liqueurs, wines, and beer, will transform into a delicate flavor that Japan will be proud of. Japanese Bitters can be used as a secondary material for cocktails and by simply adding it, new flavors and infinite possibilities can be created in a dish.

Umami Bitters is is made from high quality kelp, bonito flakes, and dried shiitake mushrooms, which contain the most UMAMI components. The balance between these ingredients and citrus is created with the finest attention to details. 27% ABV.

Shiso is the common name for the Asian culinary herb which belongs to the mint family. The whole leaf of green shiso is often used as a receptacle to hold wasabi or various garnishes on a sushi plate. Shiso bitters are prepared using carefully selected blue shiso from the longstanding Aoba plantation, which grows the highest quality of shiso in Chiba Prefecture. 28% ABV.

Hinoki, also known as rattan, is a traditional lumber used to construct temples in Japan. The aroma of rattan has been shown to have a positive effect on the body. It can be mixed to create interesting cocktails or enjoyed as an aromatic carbonated water by adding it to soda or tonic water. 27% ABV.

Sakura is the Japanese term for cherry blossom trees. The variety of cherry blossoms is Yae Sakura (Sekiyama Sakura), which blooms in southern area of Nagano prefecture. Sakura leaves are the leaves from Yae cherry blossoms, which bloom in Izu, pickled with the natural salt from the ocean. 27% ABV.

Yuzu bitters are made with fresh and fragrant Citrus junos. The Yuzu is a citrus fruit and plant originating in Southern Japan. It is believed to be a hybrid of sour mandarin and Ichang papeda. The yuzu is purchased directly from Tokushima prefecture farms known for producing high quality yuzu. 27% ABV.

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